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A well-thought-out, integrated product range

The professional product range for all things heating and cooling

Focus on users

Thinking beyond the product

We not only continuously enhance our products, but also consider the needs of those who use, install or maintain them. We want to make living and working easier for all of them. It’s all about the total package with the right solution for any situation. Always perfectly matched, always with the user’s requirements in mind.

Control units

Vehicle heaters and climate control systems



Heating and cooling

Roof-mounted fans

Matching modern vehicle designs

By providing an efficient air flow, the extremely low profile Eberspächer roof-mounted fans ensure ideal ventilation of the passenger compartment. Depending on the planned application, different systems and air outlets are available for the cargo compartment. These include non-electric fans powered only by the vehicle’s movement through the air.

A well-thought-out range of suitable accessories enables simple installation even on ribbed roofs.

The main benefits:

  • Extremely low profile roof-mounted fan
  • Efficient air flow for fresh air in the cargo compartment
  • Different systems available
  • Various air outlets available for the cargo compartment
  • Non-electric versions powered by the wind or the vehicle’s movement are also available
  • Easy-to-install roof adapter and air outlets

ADT 350, ADT 452, ADT 750

Trimline air outlets

Air at its finest

Following the latest dashboard design aesthetic, our in-house designers and engineers developed Trimline to create a contemporary look for the vehicle air outlets in keeping with the “form follows function” principle. With different design, function and installation options tailored to match different vehicle interiors. What’s more, the durable, high-quality plastic elements are easy to install.