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For efficient cargo compartment cooling

Rooftop-mounted air conditioning systems

Saves space in the cargo compartment

The aerodynamic cooling unit

Rooftop-mounted air conditioning systems are the perfect solution for any air conditioning retrofit or complicated installation situation. All climate control components are combined in a compact package, aerodynamically optimized and designed for coping with extreme weather conditions. We work out an economical solution based on precise specifications and cooling performance requirements. Also available as a variant with combined cooling and heating function, and as a variant with integral electric compressor for electric vehicles. Suitable installation kits and accessories facilitating ideal air distribution are also available. Straight-forward retrofitting is always guaranteed.

The main benefits:

  • Compact system consisting of evaporator, condenser and dryer filter
  • Available as A/C, HVAC and EHVAC with integral electric compressor
  • Especially suitable for cargo compartment air conditioning
  • Simple retrofitting
  • Saves space in the cargo compartment